About the program

Dear BACAC members,

In this complicated situation, which all of us have, please find below some links to resources which may be of potential interest to you and/or use in the current situation.

During seven years of its existence, BACAC was able to achieve considerable progress in strengthening biosafety and biosecurity in the region as well as create a successful regional network of specialists in the field of biosafety in BACAC Member countries. Thanks to BACAC activities in BACAC countries had been implemented and started implementation of several national and regional projects in the field of biosafety (which had been funded by BACAC partners), had been created a network of professionals, which actively cooperates and exchanges experience, skills and knowledge in the areas of biosafety research, trainings, legislative instruments, etc., Were greatly improved legislative and educational activities in some BACAC countries.

Of course these are only the first steps of BACAC and we need to further unite our efforts and cooperate more closely to ensure biosafety in BACAC states. BACAC is a young organization, which has its shortcomings and we have to work together closely to address them. A lot of work is ahead. BACAC is a tool that helps us to solve successfully the biosafety issues and challenges in the region and we welcome more experts in the region to join us and to use this effective tool.

We are open for cooperation!
Your BACAC team

More than 100 biosafety and biosecurity experts and specialists