Goals of the Association are:

  • promote biosafety as a priority for the region
  • integrate international best practices for biosafety into all work with infectious microorganisms
  • assist members in the development of programs, guidelines, standards and regulations
  • promote the development of research and science using modern biosafety and biosecurity methods
  • develop and deliver integral training programs
  • promote biosafety cooperation with international associations and societies


BACAC Activity Planning:

  • Objective 1: Implementation of Best Biosafety Practices
  • Objective 2: Education & Awareness Raising
  • Objective 3: BACAC as a Leader
  • Objective 4: International Linkages
  • Objective 5: Collaboration with Governments


Strategic Objectives

  • To harmonize the application/implementation of biosafety international best practices among professionals in the region.
  • To create a common scheme/framework for dissemination of knowledge to the population within the region and to facilitate the raising of awareness on biosafety issues.
  • To develop BACAC into a well-functioning organization, and to be the recognized leader in biosafety at the local and regional level.
  • To establish and strengthen close cooperation with international organizations engaged in the field of biosafety.
  • To collaborate with governments to strengthen national and regional biosafety policies and programs.